Counseling Services

My greatest hope in working with you is to help you feel empowered to take charge of your life; to express yourself and your gifts; and to learn to respond creatively to what life brings you. This happens when you are able to connect to yourself; to release what no longer serves; and to heal from what holds you back.

My sessions are often one part therapy, one part spiritual direction and one part intuitive or energy reading as I work to point you towards your inner knowing; to the feelings and sensations that show up in your body; and to the world of relationships and synchronicities.

In addition to sharing my own insights, I sometimes draw upon tarot cards to help us reflect upon patterns and energies present in your life. This provides you the opportunity to explore your own responses to the images, archetypes and symbols presented, helping us creatively tap into your instincts and intuition.

I offer adult individual and couples counseling that draws upon spiritual and psychological principles and practices, with a special emphasis on Divine Feminine principles; self-compassion modalities; embodiment practices; and my own life experience.

Although I am open to all types of clients, I specialize in working with the following:

Highly sensitive people (HSPs)/Empaths
Those on the spiritual/artistic path
Those who have suffered from narcissistic abuse
Those who have separated/are considering separating from their family of origin
Those seeking to discover and live their purpose in order to affect change

In addition, I also work with those struggling with the following:

Low self-esteem
Existential crisis
Transitions in life and career
Chronic pain/fibromyalgia

I favor a dynamic, explorative and collaborative approach that helps us stay in the energy we are trying to support. I work to foster a spirit of empowerment and play and an opportunity to heal through being in real relationship. Through this, it is my hope you will learn to trust yourself and life; to live more more intuitively; and to honor your natural rhythms, calls to wildness and longings for true community and connection to the earth.