Counseling Services

My greatest hope in working with you is to help you feel empowered to take charge of your life; to express yourself and your gifts; to draw boundaries and advocate for yourself; to tap into joy and pleasure; and to learn to respond creatively to what life brings you. This happens when you are able to connect- to yourself, to your intuition and to the Divine-, creating a home within yourself from which you can embody your truths.

My sessions are often one part therapy, one part spiritual direction and one part intuitive reading as I work to point you towards your inner knowing; to the informative feelings and sensations that show up in your body; to the forces beyond us that can guide, comfort, protect and inspire; and to the world of relationships and synchronicities. In addition to sharing my own insights, I also often draw upon tarot cards to help us reflect upon patterns and energies present in your life. Additionally, this allows you the opportunity to explore your own responses to the images, archetypes and symbolism presented, helping us creatively tap into your instincts and intuition.

I offer adult individual counseling that draws upon spiritual and psychological principles and practices, with a special emphasis on Divine Feminine principles; self-compassion modalities; and my own life experience. Although I am open to all types of clients, I find I often work best with healers, highly sensitive people and those who are on the spiritual/artistic path. In addition, I also often work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, codependence, existential crisis, career choices/struggles and chronic pain. I favor a dynamic and collaborative approach that helps us stay in the energy we are trying to support.

I particularly like to work with clients who are seeking a better understanding of their soul’s purpose; a deeper sense of how to utilize the gifts and work with the difficulties of being a highly-sensitive person(HSP)/Empath; and a way to live more intuitively, honoring their natural rhythms, calls to wildness, longing for true community and connection to the earth. I love helping to empower people to take charge of their lives; to learn to draw boundaries and advocate for themselves; to tap into joy and pleasure; and to respond creatively to what life brings to them.