Counseling Services

I work best with those who are ready to “revolutionize” their lives, people who have hit their “wall” and are determined to find a way of living that brings them joy. These people are often highly sensitive and/or on the spiritual path (the two often go together :)) and are not only interested in their own healing but also in finding and sharing their unique gifts with the world. I am particularly passionate about helping people lead lives that emerge from a deep honoring of their bodies, hearts, souls, intuitions and natural rhythms. I believe if we can learn to “follow the energy” in our work, relationships and daily decisions, we can create a life that not only brings us abundant aliveness but also impacts the systems in which we operate. If you have experienced any of the following throughout your life, we might be a good match:

If you feel easily overwhelmed by noise, smell, other people/crowds, violence or cruelty, criticism, etc.

If you have strong or overpowering emotions that are difficult to regulate

If you often feel different than other people or feel that your way of seeing and approaching life is counter-cultural

If you’ve struggled to find a fulfilling career/work environment or a resonant partner

If you suffer from insomnia, chronic conditions or other symptoms not easily understood by traditional medicine

If you seem to “just know” or sense things, such as what people are thinking or feeling, without any concrete proof

If you find yourself contemplating the “secrets of the universe” and are more readily concerned with self-actualization, finding the path that best suits you, living from an inner sense of purpose or making a positive impact on the world

In response to these concerns, I offer adult individual and couples counseling that combines psychospiritual education and exploration with practices that can help you better understand your unique experience; work with big emotions; and find meaningful work and relationships. In doing this, I draw upon spiritual and psychological practices, with a special emphasis on Divine Feminine principles; self-compassion modalities; and my own life experience. I work best with those clients in which I can be one part spiritual teacher and one part psychological guide, and I favor a collaborative, relational dynamic that facilitates connection and honest sharing. I most notably specialize in the following areas:

Anxiety, stress, “paralysis”
Perfectionism or critical self-talk
Depression, sadness, fatigue
Codependence (“how I feel depends upon how you feel”)
Low self-esteem

Creativity and self-expression