Psychospiritual Therapy

What is psycho-spiritual therapy?

As a spiritually-oriented psychotherapist, I offer a unique and powerful approach. While traditional psychotherapy helps you discover yourself and your story (your personality, the history and influence of your family, your persistent thought and belief patterns and the origins of/solutions to your struggles), psycho-spiritual counseling takes it one step further. By acknowledging the spiritual dimension of the psyche, I help you locate your story in a larger story, your self in a greater whole. I offer an integrated approach that takes into account all of who you are, body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. I do not see your struggles as problems to be solved; I see them as ways you are trying to evolve, to become more expansive, to heal. In fact, I believe your struggles often hold the seeds of your greatest gifts. And you can learn to understand and harness these gifts by tuning into messages and meaning found in your body, intuition, dreams and interactions with others, nature and the Divine. Psycho-spiritual therapy recognizes how we take in, express and work with energy, teaching you to become more empowered in this exchange so that you can move out of simply surviving into vitally creating.

How do I know it’s right for me?

Psycho-spiritual counseling recognizes the intangibles, the esoteric, and lends itself better to dynamic exploration than to determined resolution, better to cultivating awareness than to correcting behavior, better to discovering meaning than to assigning value judgments. It is my greatest joy to help you bring loving attention and acceptance to all parts of yourself, especially the ones you have disowned; to help you connect to the mysteries of life, to imagery, archetype, imagination, dreams and intuitive knowing; and to help you discover and pursue your life’s purpose. If you struggle with sensitivities, feel isolated, disconnected or lonely or if you are asking the big life questions (“How do I understand the universe in which I live?” “What are its laws and how to do find my place within it?” “How do I grow spiritually, develop practices and connect with something larger?” “How can I put my gifts to the greatest use?”), then this might be the right approach for you. Please note I am open to all spiritual walks and paths, although I draw primarily from Buddhism and Paganism, and I work from a spiritual versus religious perspective.