Therapy Groups

Meditation and Spiritual Exploration Group (ongoing)

Interested in learning meditation from a variety of perspectives? Want to explore ways to better work with anxiety, troublesome thoughts and overwhelming emotions? Drawn to connecting with others and exploring spiritual practices and principles?

In this fun, dynamic group, we come together to practice meditation and mindfulness; explore different spiritual paths and traditions; contemplate our lives; and share our thoughts, concerns, dreams and insights in a safe, supportive community environment.

This group may be a match for you if you are interested in feeling more:


     Grounded and Centered

     Connected to others and the larger universe

     In touch with your own desires and needs

     Aware of your unique path and the obstacles in the way of living it

     Peaceful in everyday life and relationships


Structure and cost: This is a monthly, ongoing group and costs $50/two-hour meeting.

Location: My office, 1812 E Madison St, Ste 208, Seattle, WA 98122

Dates: TBD

To inquire, please email me at or call me at (206) 446-2538.

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