The Mindful Heart: A Compassion-Focused Group

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling with negative thoughts and self-judgment? Want to learn how to experience more love and joy?

In our life and work there are many situations that leave us feeling alone, disconnected, ashamed, or afraid; we wrestle with how to approach these difficult feelings, and we long to feel more safe and connected.

This group will help you create a new way of responding to your life and loved ones and help you feel more:


     Grounded and Centered

     In touch with you own wants and needs

     Peaceful in everyday life and relationships

     Love for the parts of yourself you often reject


Utilizing different meditation and mindfulness practices, psychological and spiritual principles, I will provide members with the skills to cultivate a heartfelt awareness for themselves and for those closest to them.

Structure and cost: This is a bi-monthly, ongoing group and costs $25/90-minute meeting.

Location: My office, 1812 E Madison St, Ste 208, Seattle, WA 98122

Dates: TBD

To inquire, please email me at or call me at (206) 446-2538.