Intuitive Readings

Tarot Readings

I find tarot to be a fun and beautiful way to look at the “energies” currently operating in your life; to explore particular issues and dynamics; and to connect with archetypal and spiritual support.

I conduct my readings a little differently in that I collaborate with my clients around card meanings, inviting them to engage with and interpret the cards along with me. I find this not only allows clients to feel more invested and empowered in understanding their lives and choices, but it also fulfills my passion to help people better connect with and trust in their own intuitions.

I charge $100 per 60-minute reading, and I also offer a 50% discount for our first reading. I provide readings for all kind of situations and phases. Please see below for a sample list:

New Year and Birthday Readings- In these readings, we look at the upcoming year, what you have learned from the past year and how to approach the new one.

Celtic Cross Readings- This is a powerful (and probably my favorite) reading that helps us look deeply at a particular issue or question.

Values Readings- This reading helps us determine your deepest values, how they show up in different areas of your life, the limiting beliefs getting in the way to you living these values and the next steps to take in order to fulfill them.

New Moon Readings- The new moon is a time in which we ask what we want to create and how we can work toward manifesting this. A new moon reading addresses the upcoming two week period while the moon is waxing, reflecting upon what seeds we want to plant and how best to nourish them as the energy builds toward the full moon.

Full Moon Readings- The full moon is when the energy of what we have created during the waxing period reaches its climax. A full moon reading celebrates what we have created and reflects upon releasing what no longer serves as we move into the waning cycle.

Solstice Readings- This reading works with the energy of the season- Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer- to determine how we can best approach the next three month period.

If you are interested, please contact me at to set up a time.